Old Man Leudecke and The Nerdist

I tend to get a little proselytizing and excited about things that I really enjoy. I guess I feel, if this gives me enjoyment and happiness, it should for you too! With that in mind, lately the two highest on the list would be Old Man Leudecke and The Nerdist podcast.
Old Man Leudecke is a banjo player from Nova Scotia. I missed the first time Niki saw him, but was able to catch his tour through Edmonton in May. I know when most people hear "banjo music" their ears shut off, but you must try and get past that. The combination of the dulcet tones of the banjo mixed with his truly great songwriting is a combination well worth listening to. How can a person not love a musician who has a song that is all about bacon?! He also played some Roger Miller at his show. He said he had never done this before, and this helped to truly cement my love of this travelling troubadour. I feel like dancing and smiling everytime I hear his music, and hope you do too.

The second thing I have been all evangelical about lately is The Nerdist podcast. It helps that Chris Hardwick and his co-horts are really funny. Combine that with the great guests they have and the fact that they would get my Kids in the Hall references.(They seem to have a good knowledge Canadian comedy) I also like that they don't disparage people. They generally speak well of other people, which is a rare thing in the age of the interwebs and celebrity. I think this combination of good heartedness and humour is what gives me happy nerd brain at the end of each episode. As someone who also knows nothing of the comedy industry, and how comics work, I find the discussions into the industry fascinating. The show is basically them shooting the breeze with a famous comedian/actor.
I know some people would look down on them for all the swears, but honestly, I don't care what the fuck you say, it's how you say it. Language is just a tool for communicating ideas. If your ideas and thoughts come across, and I like them, who gives a cows intestinal tract. As long as you are getting them across in a matter fitting the context. Swearing actually has testable benefits, but that's a discussion for another time. Oh, and I don't want to give the impression that it's one long curse fest, but I know some people shut the brain off at the first sign of a "F" bomb, and wanted to give fair warning. With all that said, go download The Nerdist from your podcast aggregate of choice. Go. Now. DO IT! I'm going to take my own advice and listen to another episode right now. It's always a good time for a laugh and a smile!

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