The Sagan Series

It's a rainy day, so it's a good day to watch The Sagan Series. Who am I kidding, any day is a good day for an injection of some Carl Sagan. I have seen a couple, but never all six all at one time. Well worth the roughly twenty three minutes for all six. Something about listening to Carl Sagan's voice is always inspiring for me. The man was a credit to the human species.

The Sagan Series (Part 1) - Nasa The Frontier Is Everywhere

The Sagan Series (Part 2) - Life Looks For Life

The Sagan Series (Part 3) - A Reassuring Fable

The Sagan Series (Part 4) - Nasa Per Aspera Ad Astra

The Sagan Series (Part 5) - SETI Decide To Listen

The Sagan Series (Part 6) - End Of An Era: The Final Shuttle Launch

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