Changing ones mind

It's been several months since I've had time to do any entries. That does not mean the thinking has stopped. If it had, then maybe I would have stopped? Lately something I've been pondering is changing your mind or deconversion from previous beliefs. Many of the people who know me know I've changed my beliefs a lot in the last decade. I feel it very keenly sometimes. I think the video below explains how ones belief slowly can be eroded away. He's specifically talking about belief in g0d, but I think it can apply to anything. I know it's sort of how it worked for me. Enough points get countered strongly enough, you just end up waking up one day believing something different. On a slightly related note, I asked a friend a few months back what started him on his road to deconversion. To paraphrase my memory of what he said, he said that instead of just reading the quotes that apologists would use, he went to the source material. Finding that Christian apologists tend to distort and 'lie for Jesus' makes it hard to buy into their arguments. That's a specific reason not to believe, but as the video shows, it takes more than just one specific reason.

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