True Grit

My favourite minor character. Bear Man.
I just saw the new True Grit. I enjoyed the movie, and would recommend anyone to see it. It left me feeling thoughtful. The crunch of the snow, the blowing wind, and my long black cloak seemed very fitting as I left the theatre. I just needed boots, gun and cowboy hat. My cousin, who I saw it with, and  I  parted ways after the show. I had the car ride home to ponder. I didn't listen to the radio or podcasts. There are many little things I enjoyed about the movie. The hymns playing throughout were beautiful, gave one a sense of gravitas, and old time religion. The language of the characters could at the same time seem uneducated and well spoken. It was an language stripped of diplomacy, but direct and functional. There was a lot of quick little bits of humour in the script for those paying attention. There was an honesty and a bluntness to the film I appreciated. It gave you the feeling of a way of living that was hard, matter of fact and not so comfortable. The movie seemed to say, 'that's the way life is, people die, shit happens, you deal with it as you can'. It was not gruesomely violent and what violence there was seemed to make a point rather than be violent for it's own sake. There were many little moments that I enjoyed. When a man didn't stand for a women and she insulted him for it made me smile. The portrayal of abuse, sexism and casual racism was felt subtly, rather than shouted at you. From start to finish I was engrossed. There are other things I could say, but I think I'll leave it at that. I'm not a professional when it comes to reviewing movies, but it was entertaining, thoughtful, and enjoyable. That's all I can ask.
PS - The fact that John Wayne and his acting had no part in this movie helped. I know he's an American icon and all, but the man could not act.
PPS -  The other recent theatre film I have seen is The King's Speech. Great film, go see it if you feel True Grit would not be your cup of tea.

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