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I have finished Timothy Keller's book, and will now try to sum up each chapter individually and my reactions to it. He has his book split into two parts, the first part being a defence against the criticisms of Christianity. He endeavors to be ecumenical, but admits this extends only to the protestant form of the Christian faith. The second half of the book is more focused on the positive reasons for, rather than against, believing in protestant Christianity. This also being a summary, I might miss some things. If anyone has read the book and feels I missed something important, please comment.
My overall reaction to the book is, he has written a decent apologetic book. There is a bit of circular reasoning. When reading the notes as I went along, I noticed he quoted a quote, rather than the source, which sort of bugged me. Ultimately I think he falls short, but as I go through it again, I might change my mind.
As well, I think this is a never ending discussion. I recently had a discussion on this topic, which has me thinking the back and forth between atheism and theism is about power. This would put Christianity at a disadvantage, because it's supposed to be the release of power and not the quest for it. The debate between the two positions might also be a false dichotomy, but I am trying to figure out what that would mean.
Keller did call for continuing dialogue in his introduction, which I appreciated. If we shut off dialogue, we're all screwed.
Post on Chapter one to be up soon.

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