Sad and scary

This is a very depressing look at modern witchcraft. As in ages past, it's the vulnerable and weak that are the victims. I would like to think this is an isolated incident, but it's not. Even in Canada and the U.S. people speak as if witches are something to be afraid of, even Sarah Palin's church had a speaker that prayed to protect her from witchcraft. I know most people will be horrified by all that, believers and non believers. I just don't know if it's belief that separates your average evangelical in North America from the ones in that part of Africa. Then if they are not separated by belief, what would it take for that to happen here?
This AIG video is a good example. I think I might know what they are trying to say, but is sure looks like they are saying, "believe in g0d or some kid is going to shoot you."
Anyways, this all has me kind of depressed.

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