Stem Cell Research and Ideology

The restrictions on stem cell research have been lifted. Now, I don't know how stem cell research works. I am not a biologist or a chemist, or any sort of reputable scientist. Pharyngula has an article on what it would take for it to be turned into a cure. The reason I bring it up is, stem cell research was part of the previous American governments war on science, and seems to be quite controversial down there. It appears to me that there was never a good argument against stem cell research. That it was mainly a "slippery slope" argument.
This leads me to ideology. Ideology would be a very good explanation for why people are against stem cell research. I assume I work within an ideology as well, and it got me wondering what issues I am for or against, not based on any sort logic, thought, or reason, but just because of my personal ideology. A friend on Facebook joined a "impeach Obama" group. I found this very curious. I am not American, but from what I understand of their history and laws, there is no foundation for a group of this type. Especially so early on in his term. You could probably make a good case for impeaching Bush, but I am not a constitutional lawyer. What struck me about that group, it was obviously based on ideology. There was no thought or reason, no holding the government accountable for the previous eight years. These people just said what their ideology told them. When it's so obvious, it makes it hard to take that person seriously.
Part of my ideology is that voting is important and constructive. I get annoyed when people don't vote, and I don't really care what their reasoning is. They could be right, have very good reasons, but I just get annoyed when people don't vote. Another part of my ideology would be freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
What things do you agree with, just because they are part of your ideology? Would you join an impeach group because you did not like a politician, and not because he had actually done anything wrong?

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